Fixed football prediction for Sutjeska – Ludogorets

Welcome once again to our fixed football prediction site! Today is a great opportunity to take our
attention to the Champions League qualifying rounds. Let’s preview the Tuesday fixture
between Sutjeska and Ludogorets in Podgorica.
Montenegro’s champion Sutjeska is facing a tough challenge after a 0-2 defeat in Bulgaria
in the first leg. Milija Savovic’ boys tried their best in Razgrad, but at the end they were
dominated and crumbled in the last 20 minutes of the match. It’s a pity because until the
74th minute it was a 0-0 draw at the Huvepharma Arena.
Everything in the first leg between Ludogorets and Sutjeska was decided in the last 20
minutes of the match. In the 74th minute the Bulgarian champion opened the score. The
Brazilian midfielder Alex Santana was on the right place at the right time to put his team
ahead. Ludogorets made the decisive second strike in the 91th minute when Matias
Tissera put the Bulgarians in a much better position before the second leg.
Now Sutjeska do not have any other option – they must use the support of their fans and
look for the best possible outcome in Podgorica. Obviously Ludogorets are the more
experienced team here and they are well prepared to play in Europe. Sometimes these
things are not decisive, though.
Lugodorets’ head coach Ante Simundza make an interesting decision in the first leg. He
decided to start one of his stars Kiril Despodov from the bench. Despodov is the current
Bulgarian Player of the Year, but it seems that he’s not in his best shape at the moment. It
remains to be seen if he’s going to start in the second leg on Tuesday.
That’s what our fixed football prediction site can tell you about the Champions League qualifying
game between Sutjeska and Ludogorets on Tuesday. The Bulgarian team looks very close
to reaching the second round, but let’s wait and see.

Fixed football prediction for Sutjeska – Ludogorets
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